“THE JITTERBUGS” are now performing to SOLD OUT CONCERTS !!!!
They are the newest sensation in children’s entertainment. The show has been
described as a Beetles Concert, even though “they’re bugs”, “JITTERBUGS”. The
children go wild, they love the bug theme & all the friendly characters in the show.
This is a non-stop, interactive musical extravaganza. First class children’s
The Jitterbugs are in their 10th year of performing Australia wide. The show is filled
with non-stop entertainment and educational segments which encourage interactive
audience participation. The Jitterbugs characters through song and dance teach the
children from an early age the importance of caring for our environment and bugs.
Hug Bug & Snug Bug the sensational Lady Bugs, Jessie the gor-jess butterfly,
Feebee the boogying bumble bee, Snappy the Happy Crocodile, Hopsie the Ballerina
Bunny and Frogodile all want to contribute to our beautiful earth and teach the
children the importance of caring for our world and caring for us bugs. We are the
beginning of the food chain. Without us bugs there would not be any fish or birds.

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