Regular Week To Week Karaoke Shows

Our normal Week To Week Karaoke Shows for Clubs Hotels or Functions is always a great funfilled event may it be just your normal Club or Hotel Karaoke nights or a well organized Fun filled night for your work function.  We have over 8000 songs to choose from and have always kept up with the latest songs on the charts.  Also consider us for just normal Disco Nights we can provide you with our all new Video Disco Clips which date right back to the 50’s and 60’s.  Also make in inquiry if you need a Wedding DJ.

Our Karaoke Competitions have been the only competitions that have had over 4500 loyal fans and followers who will come to your venue simply to be part of it.

We regularly get 7x more people to karaoke nights than pubs typically do and our grand final events will fill your venue with the best singers and audience. Karaoke is alive and well! We have created a carefully managed show with the best sound and lighting gear with DJ’s that will get the crowd focused and singing along so that everyone has fun.  If you are interested in entering into one of our competitions locally and near you please fill in the Inquiry Form Below.