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As a performer all my life from being a Dj, wedding singer, karaoke curator and Musician, I’ve seen it all from both on stage as the artist and backstage as the venue organizer.

What we able to do for your venue is booking the right artists for your patrons that will stay and have a fun time thus order meals/drinks and stay for the raffles and use other recreational activities within the club or establishment.

We never pick an artist just because they are cheap or because we are mates or no one else is available. We also replace performers if the performers we have booked is sick or held up so you wont have to chase like mad to have another entertainer take his or her place.  We have available to us over 700 entertainers on our listing. As both a music lover and performer we talk with the guests at venues all the time and get to know the kind of music they like and what will get them back to see more and then also good quality entertainment has always been our utmost intentions.

Every time we plan out the entertainment for a venue I’m thinking what will make this a success and how can I be sure that the show will be profitable. Who of all the performers I have worked with and seen perform live are going to excite and delight your patrons so that they won’t want to go home and will be coming back every week for a new experience.

Our artists always arrive with plenty of time to setup and sound check so that everything is ready before the audience enters and without any disturbances to the club and patrons.

You won’t get a pair of part time buskers sitting on bar stools from us. We only book the best professional performers who are popular with venues and patrons. We have confidence in our recommendations because the artists we book have proven track records of happy customers and venues.


Before we make a selection of performers for your venue we want to visit in the day and at night to see what the atmosphere is like, the crowd that attends and what will suit your venue.

Every artist we provide we have personally attended multiple performances of and know exactly which kind of venue and crowd is best suited for their style. We won’t book the same entertainers that performed down the road last week. Variety is what regular club goers want and we make sure that is what they and you the venue gets.

Having a broadcast quality demo video resulted in a 4 times increase in bookings for a recent client.

You will not believe the difference it makes when we present a professional video to a venue compared to some grainy looking clip from a phone. The eyes of the venue managers light up and they can immediately see how exciting it will be for their patrons and the increase in attendance that results.

We at All Ways Entertainment have been a part of the best held local talent competitions that have had over 4500 loyal fans and followers who will come to your venue simply to be part of a Karaoke Competition or Talent Quest like no other in Newcastle.

We regularly get much more people to karaoke nights or our tailored Talent Quests than anywhere else which has been proven well over in time. Our grand final events will fill your venue with the best singers and audience giving your audience and staff the best entertainment value they have ever seen.  We have created a carefully managed show with the best sound and lighting equipment run by professional operators  that will get the crowd focused and singing along so that everyone has a memorable time.

We document all of our events on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, etc. so that the competitors and their family or friends followers have a great memory of your venue and their experience.

Our database is very extensively large so we have many contacts that wish to perform. Every event is well organized and contestants are ready on the night to perform and give it their best.

We book Tribute shows that look and sound so close to the original artists that you’d swear you were at their concert.

Every time we book a show the place fills up and the venue makes a profit, people go home happy and keen to return for again in the future. With a huge following on social media of people who are looking to come to the shows we promote you can be certain that the night will be a success.

Hire an Awesome All Ways Entertainment Dj and let us show you how much extra care we take in organizing your special days music and formalities that will make you event memorable and special.

Our DJ’s are very professional and outgoing and they know how to interact and follow your special day’s activities and will be setup at the right time without any hassles and be ready from the time you walk in and play your song selections you have chosen from your list of favorites.