Rock Rhythm and Swing Band

Since October 2002, THE JUNGLE KINGS  our  Rock Rhythm and Swing Band have been playing an up-vibe selection of tunes that people want to hear – what you might call “rockin’ rhythm n’swing” – taking their repertoire from the many styles and influences they have waded into on their various pathways.

The “rockin'” end includes Elvis Presley and Wilson Pickett to Green Day and a whole lot in between. The “rhythm n’ swing” side includes classic swing and jazz by the likes of Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan, Louis Prima, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis and others, played with a strong rhythmic drive and a classic jungle beat.

The band play a vast array of instruments with finesse and grace. Combine this with their highly energised stage presentation and infectious rhythmic intensity, it never fails to bring a smile to the face and a spring to the step of an amazingly broad audience.

The end result is a bubbling cauldron of sound – a feast for your ears! Like viagra for dancers, THE JUNGLE KINGS is a talented and exciting “rocking rhythm n’swing” band who know how to get you up and keep you UP!

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