Venue Booking Services


As a venue consultant we not only provide you with a booking and scheduling service, but also an overall entertainment promotions package as well.

In our package we include:

  • FACEBOOK INTEGRATION – When we have booked a 3 month schedule with a week-to-week program, and  create your Facebook events with high quality content e.g.  high resolution photos and portfolio information. This is a specialised process drawing upon years of experience working directly with the artists.
  • WEBSITE EVENTS – After we have created the Facebook events, we embed them into your What’s On page on your website along with any regular weekly events. This content is styled to match your branding and customised to your specifications. This website content is maintained on a daily basis to ensure that there are never any old events displayed, and that todays content is always at the top of each page.
  • EMAIL NEWSLETTER – We will build an email database, and design a powerful email newsletter to help maintain awareness of venue activities with your members and guests. We will help to grow your database and publish the newsletter containing all your events and special features each week. You will have full access and ownership of that database.
  • FLYERS AND POSTERS – Print promotions still play a critical role – we can provide table talkers (flyers) plus A5 and A4 posters, plus larger print promotions as required, and also show you how to take direct control of this service with no data entry or design skill required.
  • TV SCREENS – This is a very powerful addition to our offering which will save a lot of time, and also reduce your overheads. We can automate all your featured events, repeating events, photos, graphics and videos onto a single screen, or all selected screens in the venue. We can also help you to use those same screens to run your raffles which can be administered from a smartphone.
  • TICKETING – if you have any ticketed events, we can integrate direct ticketing links across your Facebook, website and email newsletter.
  • We at All Ways Entertainment believe our costing to be very reasonable for this service, booking the entertainers and providing you with a comprehensive promotional package assuring your members and local area know exactly what is happening at the venue. Ours is a unique offering that cannot be matched by any other providers and we welcome you to put this claim to the test.
Venue Management

All Ways Entertainment have been providing Venues with the best exclusive Venue Management for over 25 years and that’s why All Ways Entertainment is well known by Venues for Entertainment Management and cost and time saving.

We are constantly keeping up with modern technology in Advertising and Marketing methods.

Our relationships with our ongoing clients for over 45 years is providing them with that personal prompt service in placing the right acts in the right venues.

The All Ways Entertainment Team take their time to source out nothing but the best entertainers out in the marketplace for venues to capitalize on their popularity.

We take the pain out of hours and hours of trying to find that right act for your venue so that you can get on with business.

We provide a full booking service and  marketing materials with radio or media gig guide handling so that your patrons know whats going on in your venue week to week.

We at All Ways Entertainment will manage and negotiate affordable fees for artists within your entertainment budget.

We will organize regular management appointments with you to listen to your feedback about our acts and give you nothing but the best in your regular monthly booking schedule and let you choose who you would like to return for more appearances.

At the end of the day it is your venue and we believe our service is to try and give you as a management group of your venue the best of service and management and entertainers/entertainment at your least cost and effort.