Rattle and Hum is the definitive U2 concert experience!
Touring home and abroad for many years Rattle and Hum are regarded among the best U2 shows in the world. Their live TV performances include Spicks and Specks, The Today Show, The Kerryanne Show, The Morning Show and Sunrise. They were chosen to perform live concerts before and after U2 themselves outside ANZ Stadium Sydney during the U2 Vertigo Tour to thousands of fellow U2 fans. They recorded the soundtrack for a popular Chasers War on Everything skit which was later released on DVD by the ABC.

Internationally acclaimed, Rattle & Hum pay tribute to U2 taking their audiences on a musical journey through the history of U2. With amazing accuracy the band performs hits from their many number one albums. From the humble beginnings with hits like – Gloria – I will Follow – Sunday Bloody Sunday – New Years Day to powerful classic anthems – Where the Streets Have No Name – Pride – With or without you – Beautiful Day – To the favourite releases from the world wide smash hit album Vertigo!

“Bonox” (Dave Patten) who plays Bono in the show is blessed with an amazing vocal similarity to Bono that can be best described as almost indistinguishable.
“Bonox” becomes “Bono” both vocally and visually with equally charismatic stage presence and costumes that depict the shifting era of the super group.
The “Wedge” (Adam Watts) plays the part of the “Edge” and is a technical wiz mastering the unique tones and styles of one of the world’s greatest guitarists The Edge!

Larry Mullin Jr is played by the amazing Mick Fink who has the Larry fills and beats down to a tee and Adam Clayton is reanimated by Sean Phegan with his booming bass lines..

We at All ways Entertainment are very proud to be representing  The Rattle & Humm U2 Experience and have seen this band perform live by our talent scouts and the experience is none other than ultra professional almost near the real thing as a venue performance, I’m quite sure if Bono saw this act himself he would swear it is himself on stage.

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