The Martin and Lewis Tribute Show came to fruition in 2012 when Tony Lewis came upon one of Tom Stevens’ videos on YouTube.  Tony, who lives in Australia, has been paying tribute to Jerry Lewis in his own one man show for 27 years. He had the idea of creating a show based upon the Martin and Lewis phenomenon for many years, however couldn’t find a Dean to compliment his Jerry. Then one evening he had a message from a friend to check out this guy who pays tribute to Dean Martin from the United States. With much predisposed doubt Tony clicked on Tom’s video and the spark was lit. The next day Tom received an email from Tony and he corresponded back thanking Tony for his accolades of his tribute to Dean Martin. Then Tony called Tom and sent a short video of Tony’s tribute to Jerry Lewis and Tom was instantly enticed by Tony’s incredible talent. Tom received a picture from Tony and Photo shopped them together and sent it to Tony. A promoter friend of Tony’s saw the picture and asked Tony, “Why did you put your picture next to Dean?” Tony told him that the picture was in fact not Dean but Tom Stevens from the states. The promoter immediately said “Get him over here we have to put a show on.” With only a poster the promoter sold out two shows within days without them even having a show. With the help of Skype and the internet Tom and Tony immediately began writing routines and rehearsing musical compositions for the shows which were only five months away.

The two had never physically met until three days prior to the first show in Sydney and that was when the true admiration for each others abilities started to take hold. They became instant friends and the show has morphed into what is considered by many as the best tribute show to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis ever. Within three short years their fan base has grown exponentially and the demand to see their show transcends generations.

Recently All Ways Entertainment represented this event in 2016 at The Soldiers Point Bowling Club where they held a fantastic show enjoyed by all who attended and actually thought they were there at an actual Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show back in time not a tribute act trying to be them they were them.

Look out for the next lot of tour dates when they come back from Las Vegas to do a tour across the eastern states.

If you are a Venue or are having a Special Corporate Function and wish to know when Tom Stevens or Tony Lewis are coming to Australia they also perform Solo as a Specialty act.

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