The Klassics are a four piece rock band comprising guitars, bass & drums based in Newcastle, NSW.

All four members (Pete, Garry, Rob & Pete) have each been involved in the local music industry for 30 years or more which highlights the extensive experience and professionalism of this band.

Their setlist comprises covers of classic rock songs from the 60’s to the 90’s, and is therefore suited to audiences both young and old.

We also have the diversity that allows us to selectively compile a setlist to suit the type of venue or nature of the show. (e.g Pub, Club, Wedding, Birthday or Corporate Function)

The band also has three competent lead vocalists which, together with strong three part harmonies and backing vocals, enables us to greatly vary our presentation and style.

Whilst the original feel and sound is considered closely, The Klassics adopt their own individual technique and flair into every song, resulting in a much more unique and creative production.  

Every Klassics performance is delivered with a high degree of energy and passion that enables the audience to really become an integral part of the show and be able to appreciate the vibe that is present.

The Klassics are definitely a party band and the theme at any live gig is one of fun, dancing & enjoyment with the aim to ensure that everyone present has a good time.  We can also guarantee that there won’t be any song that you don’t know, no matter what your age group.

The Band is available for gigs at Pubs, Clubs, Weddings, Parties and even Corporate Functions on Friday evenings as well as Saturday & Sunday, both day & evenings.

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